Website Portfolio:

Project Task:

  • Creating a Artist Portfolio Website
  • Responsive Photo Galleries
  • Responsive Design of the website on different devices
  • Independent Administration and updating of the website – Control panel
  • SEO of Website content
  • Translation into English

About client:

Vladimir Markoski is an artist (painter and musician) from Belgrade – Serbia. Worked as a assistent at Faculty of Applied Arts Belgrade, as Professor of drawing and painting in Highschool of Design Belgrade and as a Art Teacher. Member of ULUS (Association of Visual Arists of Serbia) since 2000. One of the founders and a member of Art group HARD SOC and of association ART OF REALITY. Drummer in The Red Step, The Black Heart Procession, Ex Revolveri, N.B.G., Totalna destrukcija (Total destruction), Schmeiser, KZU and Bag of dicks.


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