• Mad Mags invite you to an end-of-summer pool party, and offer their new single "Summer Girl" as the soundtrack.

    Published On: September 12, 2023Categories: Music
  • The Belgrade duo Mad Mags invites you on a romantic winter walk with their new single "Human Heart".

    Published On: December 25, 2021Categories: Music
  • Infused with a sped up version of the Southern California sunshine noir heard from Tobias Nathaniel’s legendary band The Black Heart Procession, the dark and driving music of The Red Step crosses the Sava River and drifts over the concrete towers of Belgrade’s Blokovi districts like a gray cloud tinged by a smoky red sun.

    Published On: December 10, 2020Categories: Music
  • Belgrade duo MAD MAGS released their first single called "Wandering River".

    Published On: January 20, 2018Categories: Music