Mad Mags – Human Heart

The Belgrade duo Mad Mags invites you on a romantic winter walk with their new single "Human Heart".

The song was created in Down There Studio, the recording was by Uroš Milkić, the producer was Boris Eftovski, it is available on bandcamp and the Pop Depression YouTube channel, and after the New Year on all digital services. The illustration for the single “Human Heart” was done by Marija Jevtić.

– The heart is located in the center of the chest and pumps blood at a rhythm that varies depending on whether the body is at rest or active. Just as it is the heart that creates the rhythm of the music of a human being, so music is a matter of the peculiarity of the heart of the person who creates it. When I was a kid, on birthdays we often danced to sentishes, and our parents called it squeezer. This is a song dedicated to an age with less squeezed hearts, and more squeezed bodies next to each other – Margareta explains the idea of “Heart”.

Along with Margareta and Boris, the band members are Nikola Vasić Vaske (guitar) and Ljubinko Tomanović (bass), and the special guest on slide guitar was Mića Luković (Ice Cream Man).

Mad Mags was founded in 2017 in Belgrade and consists of Margareta Samoran and Boris Eftovski. Magi writes songs and sings (and is a Japanese teacher), while Boris is a composer and producer, and a member of the American-Serbian incarnation of The Black Heart Procession and The Red Step (formerly Punishment for Ears).

Mad Mags make music for their soul, freed from genre restrictions, time limits and space restrictions. They make music for dreaming and dancing.

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